Brompton Folding Bike Dealers in East Sussex

Are you looking to buy a folding bike but don’t know where to start? We are Brompton folding bike dealers in East Sussex, who specialise in all folding bikes, especially Brompton.

It is generally acknowledged that Brompton folding bikes are without doubt, the finest in the world. Riding a Brompton is just about the nearest one can get to riding a conventional large wheel bicycle. Whether commuting a few daily miles or travelling long distance around the East Sussex countryside, the Brompton ride will feel comfortable, safe, responsive and rapid if you wish.

Brompton Folding Bike Dealers in East Sussex

There are many permutations of the Brompton folding bike; handlebar shapes, number of gears, differing gear ratio, luggage and lighting fitments as well as a great colour range. Here at Cycle Revival bike shop in East Sussex, we stock a great range of Brompton, just ready for the road. If you wish to enjoy the experience of choosing your own specification, using our expertise and guidance, just visit our lovely bike shop in Heathfield East Sussex and have a chat over a cup of coffee and test ride our Brompton demonstrators.

The newest Brompton carries through the many upgrades that have made Brompton the No1 folding bike. All of these updates are retrospective, (one can upgrade any older Brompton). Our super clean and professional work shop in store can accommodate any service or repair you Brompton might ever need.

Take a look at the ease with which these Brompton bikes fold as well as other accessories you can buy from us.

We are Brompton folding bike dealers in East Sussex, which means you can test any version Brompton: S type, M type, H type and the P type in 3 or 6 speed. You can be confident in service Knowledge and back up as we are a three cog service centre, (highest level of work shop accreditation) dealer.

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