Marin Electric Off-Road Bikes

Being one of the top Marin sellers in the South East of England, means we have exceptional product knowledge. So selling Marin Electric off-road bikes is a privilege for us as we feel like we really know our stuff with this mighty brand, as you can see if you read on…

Way back when…

A few ideas and dreams in a young lad’s bedroom born the idea of the Mountain bike. A bike to ride up in the hills surrounding the San Francisco Bay overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Many of the Marin mountain bikes back in the day and still to date are named after trails up in the hills of Marin County. The Marin Alpine Trail, Marin Rift Zone and the Marin San Quentin to name but a few are all real trails up in the Hills.

How long have we been selling Marin bikes?

We opened our shop in 1979 just when the ideas of the mountain bikes were floating in the head of a lad in Marin County USA. We were outside our Cycle Shop in Heathfield decorating the paintwork, I remember it well. It was a sunny spring morning and I and my Dad were hard at work, when a slick red open-top sports car pulled up and a young man jumped out, (looking like he’d just walked off the beach, which now I know him, that’s probably exactly where he’d come from) and said, “guys see what I have do you like it”? It was a Marin Bolinas Ridge in a bright neon yellow colour. We looked at this bike sticking half out the back of the car and said, “what kind of bike is that”?

The chap answered, “it’s a mountain bike, a Marin mountain bike.” I think I laughed and said, “not many mountains around these parts buddy”!

Any way he enthused upon us why we should take a closer look at the Marin mountain bike and indeed take a test ride, which we did. I came back and said to the chap, “great bike sign us up please”, which he did. We still enjoy the account number today 008.

Yes, we were the 8th retailer to sign up with the Marin brand in the whole of the UK and we are still proud and happy to be selling them nearly 40 years later.

Marin EMTB

Did you know that eBikes are the fastest-growing category of bike out there and are quickly becoming a common sight on our streets and trails?

An eBike is essentially a regular bicycle with an integrated electric motor. You can ride one just like a normal bike, then the motor activates when you pedal. The eBike motor helps you out but it doesn’t replace your leg power completely. If you’ve ever ridden in a strong tailwind or had a stronger rider push you whilst you’ve been riding you’ll have had a little taste of what an eBike feels like.

There’s no throttle, and when you stop pedalling, the motor stops.

Because they make short work of steep climbs, eMTBs are a great training tool for racers looking to hone their descending skills, time-sensitive riders looking to get the most of their ride or simply anyone that wants to ride further and faster than they could on a purely human-powered bike.

Many riders find that an e-bike can cover their rides in half the time they would on a ‘normal’ bike whilst also feeling very fast, fun and also very capable on descents.

eBikes are also good for work as well as play. On an urban eCommute or eCargo bike, you can commute long distances with less effort, ride in normal office clothes, carry the kids in a child seat, haul heavier gear or do the weekly grocery shop much more easily than on a regular bike.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself “can you get fit on an electric bike?” or “do you get tired on an electric bike?”. There’s a myth that you don’t use any energy riding an eBike. Researchers have found that eBike riders tend to ride longer distances more often. So you’re still supplying a decent amount of strength and stamina in order to push yourself along. If you ride an eBike regularly, you’ll almost certainly get fitter.

More than anything though, eBikes are really fun to ride. They make that extra climb and descent a pleasure instead of a chore.

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