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Here at Cycle Revival, we take pride in the strong relationship that we have formed with Marin over the 40+ years we’ve been holding their stock. Being one of the top sellers of Marin bikes in the South East means that we have exceptional knowledge of the brand and the products they produce.

Marin’s History

A few ideas and dreams in a young lad’s bedroom born the idea of the Mountain bike. A bike to ride up in the hills surrounding the San Francisco Bay overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Many of the Marin mountain bikes back in the day and still to date are named after trails up in the hills of Marin County. The Marin Alpine Trail, Marin Rift Zone and the Marin San Quentin to name but a few are all real trails up in the Hills.

Our Once Upon a Time…

We opened our shop in 1979 just when the ideas of the mountain bikes were floating in the head of a lad in Marin County USA.

We were outside our Cycle Shop in Heathfield decorating the paintwork, I remember it well. It was a sunny spring morning and my Dad and I were hard at work, when a slick red open-top sports car pulled up and a young man jumped out, (looking like he’d just walked off the beach, which now I know him, that’s probably exactly where he’d come from) and said, “guys see what I have, do you like it”? It was a Marin Bolinas Ridge in a bright neon yellow colour. We looked at this bike sticking half out the back of the car and said, “what kind of bike is that”?The chap answered, “it’s a mountain bike, a Marin mountain bike.” I think I laughed and said, “not many mountains around these parts buddy”!

Any way he enthused upon us why we should take a closer look at the Marin mountain bike and indeed take a test ride, which we did. I came back and said to the chap, “great bike – sign us up please”, which he did. And do you know, we still enjoy the account number today 008.

Yes, we were the 8th retailer to sign up with the Marin brand in the whole of the UK and we are still proud and happy to be selling them over 40 years later.

Marin’s Gravel/Adventure Bikes

Marin has an extensive range of products fit for almost any purpose imaginable. So it should be no surprise they have bikes specifically engineered to be best suited to gravel, asphalt and the like.

They have a variety of bicycles at a range of prices, none of which indicate a drop in quality craftsmanship. Marin calls these types of bikes ‘Gravel/Beyond’ bicycles, which is an incredibly fitting name for them. You can go just about anywhere, ride any road and enjoy almost any exciting adventure you can imagine on one of these.

In most cases, you’ll find that you can put just about any type of tyre on your gravel bike. This allows you to adapt the bike to fit whatever ride you have planned. Heading out on the pavement? Swap your nobby tread for a slicker more smooth tread. This allows you to not have a different bike for different types of rides, just different tyres. Perfect if you are trying to get the best of both worlds on a budget.

These types of bikes are designed for less perfect conditions, shall we say. They are some of the most durable around, with the Marin HEADLANDS 2 coming with a unidirectional carbon fibre frame designed to meet the demands of modern gravel and endurance riders.

What’s more is that these are fitted with the latest flat mount disc brake, standard for smooth, controlled stopping in all conditions with minimal maintenance. This is important for these types of bikes as they are designed for gravel, dirt and mud where stopping distance will increase due to the loose surfaces.

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If you are interested in one of our Marin Gravel/Beyond Bikes then please get in touch. Either call us on 01435 866118 or send us an email. You could even fill out our contact form and someone will get back in touch. Look forward to chatting with you.

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