Bike Repairs in Eastbourne

For all bike repairs in Eastbourne, please come and visit our cycle shop in Heathfield. We are your one-stop cycle repair and bike servicing shop. With the popularity of the Cuckoo Trail, running from Heathfield all the way down to Eastbourne, we see many customers for bike repairs in Eastbourne.

They know of us due to this great cycle route and we often have customers visit us after the gentle and lovely ride up from Eastbourne, Polegate or Hailsham.

Cycle Revival - Bike Shop in Heathfield, East Sussex

Bike repairs

It may be a basic bike repair, such as hydraulic brake bleeding, gears adjusting, suspension set up or wheels truing. Perhaps you need your bike serviced in order to help it ride as it should. You might even require a full overhaul, where we strip the bike and re-assemble using new bearings and cables as necessary.

You may even have been tempted to buy a bike on the internet and can’t set it up. We can help you by building and servicing the bike for you in order to make it safe and enjoyable to ride.

We offer a free check up or half cost full bike service, (based on level of use) on all new bikes that we sell. The first service of any new bike is by far the most important one. It catches anything starting to settle in nice and early.

Our experience

With over 34 years of experience in the trade we know how to keep our many loyal customers happy and safe. We are able to carry out any bike repairs on any type of bicycle. From children’s bikes, racing bikes, competition bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, touring bikes and more recently the growing market of triathlon and cyclocross bikes. Whether it’s a £100 bike or an £8,000 bike, we will look after it all, to the same high and professional level. With over 34 years of gained skills and knowledge. Don’t forget to print off the discount voucher for the workshop and bring it in to us.

We also service and repair electric bikes. In our bike repair workshop in Heathfield East Sussex, we have been involved with electric bikes since 1984, when they started to appear on the British market. So we know what to touch and more importantly what NOT to touch.

There’s lots of “stack em high and sell em cheap” businesses out there – bring your bike here and have it set up professionally in order to get the best out of it; a bike is only as good as it’s built!

“One of the cleanest most up to date professional bike repair workshops in South East.”

Get in touch

So if you are looking for bike repairs in Eastbourne, then please call us on 01435 866118 and we can chat through the problem with your bike and the bike repairs needed. If not, then just pop into our Cycle shop in Heathfield. It’s easy to find when you are driving up from Eastbourne, or don’t forget, we are just off the Cuckoo trail!

01435 866118

Monday-Saturday: 9:00am-5:30pm Sunday: Closed