Winter Workshop Discount

We came up with the idea (years ago) of the “Winter Workshop Discount” because in the warmer summer months the workshop can become very busy with long delays in turning the repairs and servicing jobs around, but in the Winter months we would often find ourselves twiddling our fingers due to the low workload in our workshop. So to even things out a little and to encourage our customers to bring in their bikes whilst we weren’t so busy, we thought a little incentive might help, thus the “Winter Workshop Discount” and the idea became very popular, so we kept it going.

One can print off the Discount Voucher from our Website or just simply mention it when bringing in the bike to us. You can either book the bike in, (give us a buzz on 01435 866118) if a fast turnaround is required or just drop it off without booking it in if the turnaround time isn’t quite so important.

The voucher is valid each year from 1st January up to 31st March and will give the customer a 3rd off any labour charged against bike repairs and servicing.

Winter Workshop Discount

01435 866118

Monday-Saturday: 9:00am-5:30pm Sunday: Closed