Bike Servicing in Eastbourne

With the popularity of the cuckoo trail, running from Heathfield all the way through Hailsham and down to Eastbourne, we see many customers looking for bike servicing in Eastbourne. They know of us due to this great cycle route and we often have customers visit us after the gentle and lovely ride up from Eastbourne, Polegate or Hailsham.

Components on the modern bicycle, contribute to comfort and safety by way of advanced gear systems and brakes that use hydraulic technology. To ride safely in all conditions, whether busy traffic or quiet cycle-ways, such equipment needs to operate efficiently. You always get your car serviced so this is no different!

Bike Servicing in Eastbourne

Not everyone realises they need to get their bike serviced. When bikes are stored for periods of time they will dry out as well as the tyres wearing. If you have your bicycles serviced regularly, then you will avoid larger problems that may build up.

Having your bicycle serviced and safety checked annually by a professional, accredited mechanic, ensures peace of mind as well as safe riding. Whether it’s a top of the range racing bike or the children’s bike that gets thrown around in the garden, it’s so important to ensure safety.

No longer can you rely on the old fashioned check at school via the the “cycle proficiency” test!

We also stock and sell many electric bikes as well as Brompton folding bikes so can help you with any problems relating to these as well.

If you are looking for bike servicing in Eastbourne or any of the surrounding areas then please call us on 01435 866118. You can either cycle up and drop your bike off or bring it in your car – it’s a lovely ride up here though!

We have certain periods of the year when we are really busy so bike servicing as well as repairs always need to be booked in.

01435 866118

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