Buggy Repairs in East Sussex

If you’re looking for all your buggy repairs in East Sussex, please come and visit our cycle shop in Heathfield. Here at Cycle Revival, we specialise in servicing and repairing bicycles. However, many years ago we also expanded our expertise into looking at peoples buggies.

With the popularity of the Cuckoo Trail, running from Heathfield all the way down to Eastbourne, we see many customers coming in for bike and buggy repairs from within East Sussex.

Do you also like to run?

Many people have picked up the hobby of running with their buggy. With many parents who used to run, pre-children, they have adjusted their lifestyles and realised they can still run with a buggy! It gets you out and about with your baby or toddler, which is vital for everyone’s mental health.

This has meant that heaps of people have been trying to find somewhere to get their broken buggies repaired or serviced as running can put a little more pressure on a buggy and needs a regular check over.

Buggy Repairs

To get started we generally ask that the customer brings in their unit so we can inspect it to get an idea of what needs to be done and to estimate any costs. Don’t worry if your buggy requires a part that is no longer in production as we can still often help. We are able to design and hand-make parts that you need, if we cannot source them.

In terms of bikes, we have managed to fully repair and service anything from electric bikes to the Brompton folding bike. So taking a look at your buggy shouldn’t be a hassle for our great team, who are extremely professional and are very adaptable. With nearly 40 years of experience, it’s to be expected.

The components in a buggy and bike are very similar and we are very familiar with them; considering we have almost 40 years of experience in the trade. For example, the suspension on a buggy, the braking system, the wheels and the tyres are all extremely similar to those on a bike; some use the exact same design principle. So we’re fit for the job!

Where to Go?

There are many great places that you can go to that are right on your doorstep. Great options are Hastings, Eastbourne or Brighton seafronts. The miles of pretty much straight, flat running or walking with your pram or buggy is perfect for anyone, beginner or novice. Not to mention the beautiful view of the sea and the piers, where you can let the little ones out to have a look around.

Preston Park in Brighton is another great option, especially for the little ones or a great day out! There’s a children’s playground, 4 football pitches, 2 basketball courts, a rockery, walled and rose gardens as well as Preston Manor. This is topped off by a friendly and popular 1.5-mile walk around the grounds

Or Princes Park in Eastbourne is another great option, or for the really daring, Beachy Head – that will definitely blow the cobwebs away!

Coming inland from Eastbourne is the very well known Cuckoo Trail that comes all the way up to our cycle shop!

Get in touch

If you are looking for buggy repairs in East Sussex then please just get in touch. Either call us on 01435 866118, email us or just pop in! We always have the coffee on, loads of accessories for you as well as a cheery smile to welcome you in.

We look forward to meeting you.

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