Electric Bike Dealers in East Sussex

If you are looking for electric bike dealers in East Sussex, then you need an expert, so you may like to come to Cycle Revival!

Electric bikes offer all the benefits of traditional cycling – freedom, convenience, practicality – but with an important difference: Electric bikes are a fraction of the effort needed; let the 250 watt motor take the strain. Electric bikes have sold in the thousands, transforming the lives of people looking for an inexpensive, reliable and carefree alternative mode of transport choice to get from A to B, and back to A!

With all the rolling hills in East Sussex, having an electric bike can increase the enjoyment but take out part of the hard work! It is also an ideal choice for two people who are at different levels of fitness. If one has an electric bike for that little extra help up the hills, it will help to keep them compatible in their cycling.

Emotion NeoCross 700c electric bikes

The running cost of an electric bike is incredibly low: about 1.5 pence per mile. With a range from around 20 to 100 miles per charge and a regulated top speed of 15mph, you won’t even need a license to ride it and don’t forget, parking is free! People who never thought they would ride, are riding to work, school, college, the library, the local shops and even to the local pub!

Travelling in any city is more expensive than ever before, with the rising cost of fuel and public transport making it increasingly expensive to use other travel options. Add to that, the issues of overcrowding and late-running buses, trains and trams, potential parking fines and congestion charges, the electric bike is a sensible option. Having spent 29 years selling and servicing electric bikes in Heathfield East Sussex, we feel confident that the makes we handle are the most reliable and backed by knowledgeable manufacturers. We sell Giant, Powabyke, Wisper and now the cutting edge Emotion Electric bikes. We’ve done it long enough to know what to sell and more importantly what not to sell!

We also convert standard bikes to electric, so if you already have a bike that you want to keep, then we can now convert it to electric, quickly and easily. Please call us for further details 01435 866118.

We stock many more makes and models, ranging in price from around £895 upwards. So there is such a thing as a good reliable electric bike, backed up with great advice, service and maybe even a cup of coffee! If you are looking for Electric Bike dealers in East Sussex, then you know who to call!

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