Marin Electric Semi Off Road Bikes

Here at Cycle Revival, we are one of the top Marin sellers in the South East of England and have been for almost as long as they’ve been operating. We take huge amounts of pride in selling Marin electric semi off-road bikes as we feel as if we have exceptional knowledge and experience of the brand.

Our History with Marin

We opened our shop in 1979 just when the ideas of the mountain bikes were floating in the head of a lad in Marin County USA. We were outside our Cycle Shop in Heathfield decorating the paintwork, I remember it well. It was a sunny spring morning and me and my Dad were hard at work, when a slick red open-top sports car pulled up and a young man jumped out, (looking like he’d just walked off the beach, which now I know him, that’s probably exactly where he’d come from) and said, “guys see what I have do you like it”? It was a Marin Bolinas Ridge in a bright neon yellow colour. We looked at this bike sticking half out the back of the car and said, “what kind of bike is that”?

The chap answered, “it’s a mountain bike, a Marin mountain bike.” I think I laughed and said, “not many mountains around these parts buddy”! Any way he enthused upon us why we should take a closer look at the Marin mountain bike and indeed take a test ride, which we did. I came back and said to the chap, “great bike sign us up please”, which he did. We still enjoy the account number today 008.

Yes, we were the 8th retailer to sign up with the Marin brand in the whole of the UK and we are still proud and happy to be selling them nearly 40 years later.

Marin Urban Electric Bikes

E-bikes in general are rapidly taking over. The latest figures were compiled by NPD and indicate a growth rate for electric bicycles of 240% in the 12 months leading up to July 2021.

Marins Urban Electric Bikes give you the power to move through the urban landscape cleanly and efficiently by simply pedalling. The Sausalito family of bikes helps you keep up the pace with a fun and lively assist to flatten hills and get you from A to B with a fresh smile, as well as clean clothes and a smart look.

An E-bike is essentially a regular bicycle fitted with an integrated motor that activates when you pedal. It’s a similar feel to having someone push you whilst you’ve been riding. Unfortunately no, it doesn’t completely replace your leg power, instead, it helps out with some of the harder work.

eBikes are perfectly designed for play also. Long-distance commutes are a breeze and require much less effort. Some riders find that using an eBike half their time on some journeys when compared to a ‘normal’ bike. This sounds great as it but when you factor in the additional enjoyment, speed and excitement it sounds perfect.

If keeping fit and exercising is the main reason you ride then eBikes don’t have as much of an effect as you might think. Researchers have found that people tend to go longer distances more often. So, as long as you’re supplying a decent amount of strength in order to push yourself along you’re will get fitter. What’s more, is that the motor can easily be turned on and off so if you feel as though you want a more challenging ride then the option is available.

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